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Marianne is available for public speaking engagements, training sessions, or workshops tailored for your organization or small group. Below are current options available through October 2016.


Tapping Circles

Community or workplace tapping circles are fun, simple, and powerful. Who says stress busting has to be difficult?!  Marianne offers short sessions that introduce the EFT tapping tool to groups.

We had fun, but what really surprised me is that I now use tapping for daily stress at work and even at home. I’m so grateful my company brought her to us! Thanks Dr. Reiff!”
S.B.Director of Human Resources, Northampton, MA

The Picture Tapping Technique

The Picture Tapping Technique, developed by Phillip Davis, is a form of EFT that combines art therapy and EFT. PTT uses the power of metaphor and the imagination to release problems in a painless and indirect way. Because the Picture Tapping Technique uses metaphor and symbols, it allows disclosures and learning that are difficult to express either verbally or through other modalities.

Writer’s Block and Publication Resistance

Blocks and resistance usually make very good sense to our subconscious self who is working to keep us safe, sound and situated right where we are – translated –  Stuck.  EFT is an efficient and effective technique to use in acknowledging and eliminating old messages that get in your way blocking the exhilarating creative risk writing requires.   Getting published can translate into getting judged, creating a significant cortisol rush of fight, flight, or freeze responses. Tapping can lower that charge and clear those troubled waters so you can see clearly what needs to be done as you step safety into this adventure.

Age Less and Live More

If you feel stuck in a depressing view of yourself as you age, daily use of EFT will radically alter your experience of growing older in this youth-oriented culture. EFT doesn’t “manage” our negative feelings about aging. Rather, it extinguishes them, leaving us free of the drag that prevents us from enjoying what we do have as older adults – the insight and wisdom that come from decades of experience, the unique perspective on power that we sense in the oldest trees and rocks in our natural environment, and the juiciness we feel when we are utilizing all our skills, abilities, and passion in our personal, social, community, and work relationships.

True Colors Personality Style Workshop

True Colors is a fun and useful personality assessment based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. It uses a metaphor of colors (gold, orange, blue, and green) to identify participants four distinct perspectives and personalities character spectrum. True Colors provides a clear, fundamental and universal way of translating complicated individual perspectives to help overcome barriers to progress. Improve collaboration, provide a way to organize work teams, and increase relationship health.

I was looking for professional development opportunities for my team, a chance for us to learn to work better together.  We were embarking on some new challenges and needed to find ways to improve our capacity and effectiveness.  Dr. Reiff met with me to learn about our needs.  She then developed a holistic training featuring True Colors that helped each of us discover a much better understanding of who and how we were as individuals and as a team.  This was a powerful growth experience for all of us and led to much better communication, collaboration, as well as trust and appreciation.  In addition to providing measurable dividends in improved workplace productivity and morale, it was also an extremely validating experience to be given.  Dr. Reiff has a very engaging, unassuming style that creates a safe, but fun environment to take risks toward deeper awareness of the self and others.  I would recommend her training to any organization or individual seeking better results, deeper consciousness, and greater interpersonal harmony.  
J.M. Director of Career Development, Springfield, MA 

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