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Resources – Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping)

Check this section for Books, Handouts, Random Resources and Free and Easy Access Websites – And there sure is a lot out there!  I am only listing things I’ve developed, materials I’ve read, or classes I have personally taken. I  will also add websites from other professionals in the field.

I will add to these as we go, but here is a good starter list.  Check back often!

Informational Websites:

  • Free Resources with Marianne ReiffEFTfree.net: A community-minded, educational website dedicated to sharing the art and practice of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).
  • Adventures in Happiness: This is Jessica Ortner’s Website.
  • The Tapping Solution This is the main website for both Nick and Jessica Ortner.  This brother and sister pair also started a foundation and are paying forward in a way that impresses and inspires me.  The Tapping Foundation. 
  • Creative EFT:  Betty Moore-Hafter is my teacher and mentor; her website is a simple and powerful collection and introduction to EFT.  She offers classes and certification as well.
  • Tapping 101. The History and Practice of EFT:  Brad Yates takes you through how EFT was developed by Gary Craig. Yates worked directly with Craig and does a fine job of explaining how EFT developed into it’s current form.

Research and Informational Articles:

Handouts and Templates

  • The Tapping Tree Template:  This is a great way to get to the details of a specific issue.  Fill out one tree for any and all issues that present themselves to you.  Then step back and say – Hmm – where shall I begin!
  • Basic EFT Chart:  This chart outlines the tapping points on the torso – and on your hand. Both access the meridians. There are meridian endpoints at the ends of your fingers, just beside the fingernail.  Check out the overview handout linked here.